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Are you going out of town?

We have an outstanding boarding facility when you go on a vacation or a business trip, and you can’t take your fur-baby with you.


You may use the PDF version by clicking the DOWNLOAD FORM button and completing the printed form by hand. Please bring the completed PDF form for your pet’s first appointment.

Boarding includes: Daily feeding, 2 walks per day (dogs), climate control & security system. Capstar is given to each dog at admittance and discharge (this is to insure pets go home without fleas).

Family Boarding
Medical Conditions
There is a fee each day oral medications are given. If diarrhea develops, pets will be treated at owner's expense.
Your Pet's Care:

Please fill out all requested information completely.

Statement of Liability: For the health and protection of all boarding pets, vaccinations and fecal examinations must be current. If no proof of either is provided, the service will be performed at the owner's expense. If any intestinal parasites are seen from the fecal examination, ticks are found on the animal or any other health problems or injuries that occur while boarding will be treated by a staff veterinarian at owner's expense. University Animal Hospital is not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings.
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