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Pet Surgery

We offer common surgeries such as spaying, neutering, growth removals, and more complicated surgeries such as ACL repair, cystotomy, and fracture repair.

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Understanding Pet Surgery: A Vital Aspect of Veterinary Care

While surgery is never the first option, there are instances when it becomes the best course of action for your pet’s health. Whether it’s a routine spaying or neutering procedure, soft tissue surgery, or more complex orthopedic surgery, our skilled veterinarians are equipped to handle various surgical needs.

Our Pet Surgery Services in Norman, OK

Comprehensive Pre-Surgical Consultations:
Before any surgery, we conduct thorough pre-surgical consultations to assess your pet’s overall health and discuss the procedure in detail. This ensures you and your pet are well-informed and prepared for the surgery.

Skilled Surgical Procedures: Our experienced veterinary surgeons perform various surgical procedures, from routine and elective surgeries to more complex interventions. Rest assured that your pet is in capable hands with our skilled and compassionate team.

Key Benefits of Pet Surgery

Expert Surgical Team

Our veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced in performing a variety of pet surgeries, ensuring the best possible outcome for your pet.

Compassionate Approach

Our team is here to offer compassionate support and answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

Modern Surgical Facilities

Our hospital is furnished with modern surgical facilities that enable us to give your pets the best possible care.